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Reliable Towing

At Preferred Towing, Reliable Towing is a hallmark of our service. You can depend on our trucks to be well-maintained and outfitted with all the equipment of a professional truck towing company doing roadside assistance services.

Reliable Towing is Our Calling Card

When your car or commercial vehicle has a breakdown a call to one of our friendly dispatchers can get a tow truck to you to provide roadside assistance services in a heartbeat. Because our trucks are equipped with a GPS tracking device that guarantees we’ll be by your side as quickly as possible.

Our reputation depends on a quick response and we won’t fail you. We understand there’s almost nothing worse than being stranded, whether it’s on a highway or in town. The result is the same. You feel frustrated and abandoned.

We can relieve you of your stress with our friendly, professional, and competent roadside assistance services. That’s reliability with a capital “R”.

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