Medium Duty Towing

Medium Duty Towing and Damage-Free Towing Services

Preferred Towing specializes in medium duty towing. Our medium-duty towing trucks are capable of towing any vehicle from 10,0001–26,000 lbs. Vehicles such as:

• Passenger autos and SUVs
• Limousines
• Luxury and vintage cars
• Tractors and trucks
• Buses and trailers

Why Choose us for your Medium Duty Towing needs?

When you call on us for towing services we will bring you the medium-duty towing truck most suitable for your particular vehicle.

We provide damage-free towing with a system that is technologically advanced, relieving you of the worry your work, recreational, high-end, or classic vehicle will be scratched, dented, or otherwise damaged.

Our response time is fast and our towing operators friendly and highly-skilled, experts in the modern methods of medium-duty towing.

Serving South Orange County, Preferred Towing offers unequaled service and affordable rates, with a reputation that is second-to-none!

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